A Rite Of Passage We All Must Take On Finding One’s True Self

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Within the Sioux tribe of North America, all young boys, including some young girls entering their teens are required to go through a rite of passage to be in the presence of The Great Spirit and its vast mystery. This is a ritual that is done in the ‘Wakan Tanka’ belief, wherein there is an all encompassing appreciation and relation to nature and the sacredness of everything and everyone that resides in it. 

Once the elders of the tribe decide the child is of the right age, they prepare him for the journey to the highest summit with spiritual rituals. The child does not bring any present for the gods, food, nor water. The child climbs without any clothing. There is a reverent saying that the gods cannot fill you up if you come to them on a full stomach, therefore the child goes completely empty. 

He remains for up to two days and two nights in the highest peak of the summit, beginning in sunrise, where he awaits in stillness listening to all the sounds of wind and nature. In these moments, he prays to The Great Mystery, asking for the spirits to come and show him how he can discover his life’s purpose through dreams and omens. 

He does not speak of the experience of being one with the gods when he returns home, but simply chooses an elder to help him master his purpose as an apprentice. 

This ritual where the boy has no basic necessities such as food, water and clothing forces him to be in vast emptiness and completely out of his comfort zone, where he surrenders his whole self and ego to nature and The Great Mystery. He does not judge himself, nor is he looking for any attainment from the gods. He is merely giving his whole self to be reborn in wisdom and knowledge. 

The sun, stars, water and earth are all The Great Spirit because they are all the center of our solar system that our planet revolves around. Wakan Tanka also created man, and because of this, the All-Providing One goes through all of man, and all other things in this earth, and this is precisely why man is deserving of honor and reverence, just as nature is. 

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When the Sioux tribe worship The Great Spirit, they are silent and in solitude because they feel they cannot communicate with the power when they are surrounded by too much noise and talk. The Great Power who created all ‘is a Mystery,’ says the Native American people, ‘leave it alone; no one can describe such a vast mystery.’

Finding one’s life purpose is only half of what this rite of passage succeeds in doing. The ritual simply shows how to be in the present moment, and truly live in it, while realising that you are the mystery and all there is to it. Your inner purpose is to be the exact moment where you are and do what is asks of you, because one’s purpose is already within you. 

Once distraction seeps in, and the mind takes control and starts thinking of the unknown, all the attention that the source is trying to give gets lost in translation. Temporary experiences of joy such as mobile phones, television, food and alcohol are all distractions from being in the present, especially when you are not enjoying each experience fully, while it is happening. 

If you feel you have no purpose in life, go on the rite of passage and remove all distractions and comforts. Remove all the noise and talk from your mind and just find yourself in the presence of The Great Mystery. Meditate, and there you will discover something greater than you have ever experienced in your life and you will see that you are a vital part of the whole system and of earth. You will become conscious of the divine.


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