A Stress-Free Holiday: How To Organise A Superb Family Break

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Booking a family holiday can be exciting, as you will more than likely spend 24 hours per day in your children’s company, having fun together and making memories. 

Sadly, there could be some obstacles thrown your way during a trip, which can cause your stress levels to rise and could tarnish the experience.

To ensure you have a stress-free holiday with your children in 2019, here are some helpful tips on how to organise a superb family break.

Choose a Family-Friendly Destination

The destination you choose could make or break your family holiday. Ensure both you and your children have an amazing time from start to finish by selecting a family-friendly spot. 

To take your pick of child-friendly cities, towns, and resorts, consider booking a Spanish getaway. Not only does it offer sizzling temperatures during summer, but the nation is home to a multitude of family-friendly villas, beaches, restaurants, and bars your children will love.

The kids can also create wonderful memories thanks to the many water sports and boat trips available at the many Spanish coastal destinations. Make an informed choice by finding out more about Spain holidays.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Children can experience different complaints on holiday, which could tarnish everyone’s break away. Ensure you are fully prepared for every eventuality by packing an extensive first aid kit, which could help to treat cuts, grazes, sunburn and stomach aches.

Here are some of the best items to include in a first aid kit:

  • Band aids
  • An antiseptic spray/cream
  • Pain relievers
  • Stomach medication
  • A thermometer
  • Bandages
  • Hand sanitiser
  • After sun cream

The above items could help your child to quickly recover from a pain or problem, so they can enjoy the rest of their holiday – and so can you.

Talk to Your Children About the Journey Ahead

Before you set off on a long journey overseas, you should sit your children down to talk to them about the journey ahead. For example, walk them through the process, such as checking in at the airport, walking through security and waiting for a flight. 

Explain they might have a long time to wait until they reach a destination and note when it is important they follow the rules. As a result, they will be mentally prepared for the long journey, and they will be more likely to remain on their best behaviour.

Prepare for a Long Flight

Flying with children can often feel anything but easy. Not only might young children feel unsettled by a long journey, but they also might grow bored and restless. To prevent tears or tantrums during a flight, ensure you effectively prepare for the journey.

For example, you should:

  • Stock up on entertainment (tablet computers, magazines, colouring books, etc.)
  • Pack some snacks (fruit or candy)
  • Bring home comforts (a blanket, neck pillow, etc.)
  • A selection of toys
  • Travel board games

It will ensure your children have a fun experience and it will provide parents with a relaxing break. 

Take a Deep Breath to Eliminate Stress

If your child does throw a tantrum at 30,000 feet, try not to panic. Remember, your fellow travellers will have their own children, nieces, or nephews, so will understand how difficult it can be when flying with children.

Instead of worrying about upsetting them, which can cause much stress and anxiety, take a deep breath to prevent your stress levels from rising and focus your attention on soothing your son or daughter during the journey. 

Pack as Light as Possible

Caring for children while pulling heavy luggage can be stressful. Eradicate the pressure by packing as light as possible, which is obviously easier said than done when travelling with kids. There are, however, effective ways to lighten your load. 

For example, instead of filling your suitcases with nappies, sun cream, and formula, you could always stock up on them at a local store once you arrive. Just do your research prior to a visit to ensure you can buy the products at your chosen destination. It will help to reduce the amount of luggage you take with you on a family break away, which could make your travel experience a breeze.


While travelling with children can be stressful, the above helpful tips could help you to enjoy a smooth, stress-free experience. As a result, you can focus your time and attention on spending quality time with your children, which will ensure they are filled with many superb childhood memories.