Student Cries As Principal Hands Police Officer Her Phone. He Quickly Realizes Something Isn’t Right!

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This is such an incredible story and video! 

The students of Heritage High School in Brendwood, California had secretly compiled a video full of the reasons why the school’s resource officer ‘Officer Mitch’ is wonderful! One student, as well as the school’s principal pretended that the video which Officer Mitch was about to watch, was a harsh and inappropriate video taken at a recent teenage party. Once Officer Mitch started watching the video…he quickly realized that wasn’t the case. 

With tears in his eyes, he exited the office and was instantly greeted by a crowd of students cheering him on. 

Then the flash mob to his favorite song, Macklemore’s “Downtown” began! The dancing students reenacted the video and dressed him up in a big fur jacket and boa like the rapper wore in the official music video!

On top of the flash mob, students wrote heartfelt messages on softballs for Officer Mitch, as softball is a passion of his. Officer Mitch was also presented with two tickets to watch his favorite basketball team play, the Miami Heat. Just to top off the thank you’s, a signed Dan Marino jersey was also given to Officer Mitch. 

Such an incredible act of kindness for a man who clearly deserves it! 


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