A Ukranian 3-Year Old Deserted By Her Parents Was Raised By Dogs

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History has uncovered unique and unusual stories of feral children, whose mannerisms were abnormal as they were raised by animals. Wolves, bears, large cats, and other wild animals were the usual suspects. While many stories may have been fabricated, a handful of them are real. For some, there were good endings. For others, not so. These children don’t experience the normal mental, physical, and emotional development, and may not be able to lead normal lives after their rescue. While it is fascinating, it is also heartbreaking.
The case of Oxana Malaya is one of the most popularly documented cases of feral children. She was born in 1983, and had one of the most unusual and heartbreaking childhoods imaginable. It happened in the Ukraine, and only a few details are available. But to most of us, it would be a story of child abuse and survival.
Read on if you want to know the story of Oxana: