A Woman With Double Crossed Legs And 10 Other Super Strange Photos!

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The internet is full of strange photos and every now and again a super strange photo goes viral, causing people to ask themselves…what the f…! 

Well, we have gathered a few of the strangest photos the internet has to offer, none of which are the result of a Photoshop master. These are the real deal…and they are super weird. 

1. This woman’s double crossed legs took the internet by storm a while back. “Please don’t sit like that.”. 

2. Then there was this person…

3. People really freaked out over this giant wasp! 

4. This just makes no sense…

5. Nope! I wouldn’t have reeled this in. I would have simply cut the line and moved on! 

6. This is just something you don’t see everyday.

7. Wow…look how shiny her legs are! Nope, they are not shiny…that is just white paint. 

8. I think a leg is missing…

9. Damn it Albert. 

10. Where the hell is her seat?

11. What do you see?


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