America’s Got Talent’s Aaron Crow Dangerously Shoots Apple Off Heidi Klum’s Head

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Aaron Crow America’s Got Talent Heidi Klum Arrow

This has to be one of the best arrow shots of all time!

When Aaron Crow first auditioned a few weeks ago with America’s Got Talent, his act was dangerous, thrilling and down right scary. It was however, good enough to have Aaron move on to the second round of auditions!

In the leaked America’s Got Talent video below, Aaron takes his dangerous act to a whole new-incredible level.

During the act, Aaron used Heidi Klum and comedic actor Ken Jeong as participants. Heidi was asked to removed a ring from her finger and Aaron placed in inside of a hollowed out apple. The apple was then placed on top of Heidi’s head while Ken held it in place.

Aaron set up a target with a bulls-eye roughly 20 feet behind Heidi and Ken. Then he walked out into the audience were he stood upon a rotating platform while holding a cocked bow and arrow with a laser pointer attached.

As Aaron spun round and round, the audience and judges are gasping with wonder and fear. Aaron let the arrow go and it hit slice through the apple and hit the target nearly dead center.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, Heidi’s ring that was once inside the apple, was now hanging on the arrow that Aaron shot into the target. WOW!

Check it out below!