Man Pours Hot Wax On Eyes And Swings Sword At Howie Mandel During AGT Performance

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This has to be one of the most heart pumping acts of all time on America’s Got Talent, or any talent show for that matter.

Aaron Crow Americas Got Talent Sword Howie Mandel

America’s Got Talent’s Youtube channel just released this video of danger act Aaron Crow dripping hot wax onto his eyes and swinging super sharpj sword at Howie’s head.

From slicing a pineapple with a sword, to breaking wooden boards with nunchucks, Aaron brings the danger to AGT.

We should mention that in addition to sealing his eyes shut with hot wax, Aaron wrapped white gauze around his eyes, then black tape and finished off by covering his entire head in tin foil. Then he started swinging sharp objects around!

The episode featuring Aaron will premiere June 5th.