Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul aka ‘Jessie Pinkman’ Spends The Weekend In Portland!

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Actor Aaron Paul, famous for his portrayal of Jesse Pinkman on AMC’s smash hit “Breaking Bad” spent the weekend in Portland with his awesome wife Lauren.

As I follow him on Instagram, it appears that Paul and his wife had an awesome time while here in Maine!

Opium, a new establishment in the Old Port that found itself in the middle of heated controversy last week, hosted Paul.

Portland community members and bloggers online claimed last week that the name “Opium” was offensive, given the current drug epidemic in Maine. Others pointed to the statement of the establishment’s owner, Raymond Brunyanszki.

“We didn’t call our bar herioin or opiate. We named it after a flower.”

Well, we know how Pinkman feels about drugs, so the name probably didn’t bother him!

Despite the crazy Breaking Bad character, Paul is an incredible guy and his wife is quite amazing too! Lauren Paul created and runs the non-profit, Kind Campaign. The non-profit brings awareness to girls who are bullied at a young age and the negative effects this can have on their future.

Aaron Paul Maine


Paul…is well known for his adoring love for his wife…as you can see in the Instagram post below. 

I have long been a fan of Paul’s as his rise to fame is a rather incredible one. A young man who left his parents home as a teen, moved to Los Angeles, never had an acting class and he becomes one of the biggest actors on the planet…yea…that’s admirable.

I saw an interview with Paul once where he said acting is easy…you just pretend to be someone else. Done!

Needless to say I’m a big fan! I do in fact have the actual blindfold and mouth gag (framed and hanging on my office wall) that he wore on set during the filming of Breaking Bad! 

It’s pretty cool he stopped in to Maine or a while!