She’s Known As The ‘Spoon Lady’ And Boy Oh Boy Can She Play The Spoons!

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abby spoon lady

36-year-old Abby the Spoon Lady aka Abby Roach, is an American musician, radio personality, free speech activist and an incredible spoon player. Her music focuses on the American roots genre and she gets down in dirty with it. Abby often plays and tours with a one man band, Chris Rodrigues.

Abby started playing the spoons years ago as she traveled the country by hopping trains and hitchhiking. Abby would make money by playing her spoons and ‘busking‘ on the streets of America.

In 2012 she was filmed in the horror film Jug Face playing spoons, and in 2015 she was filmed for Buskin’ Blues, a documentary about the street performance scene in Asheville.

Today she hosts storytelling events where she discusses the lifestyle of the American hobo.

abby spoon lady awesomejelly

Check out the video of Abby in action below! You will never look at the spoons in your kitchen the same again!