Acne Hit You During Quarantine? 4 Ways To Stay In The House While Getting Treatment

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You’re stuck at home in quarantine, and to make matters worse, your skin is on the fritz. As if you needed that insult added to injury.

Instead of getting bummed out, it’s time to get creative. There are ways you can work on your skin while you’re in quarantine. Pursue any of these options, and you’ll emerge from isolation with glowing skin and new ways to tackle your breakouts.

1. Get Professional Support Online

Whether you’re staying home because of your own illness or doing so because of an exposure, avoiding outside contact is essential. If you’re amid a major acne breakout, all hope is not lost. You can pursue acne treatment online and get a professional consultation for your skin woes from digital healthcare companies like Nurx.

Telehealth treatment is secure, confidential, and a great option for connecting with a healthcare provider. You get the benefit of face-to-face communication and can point out problem areas to an expert. During your consultation, you can expect to receive the same level of care as you would during an office visit. Before your appointment, make a list of your concerns and questions so you can be prepared. Take notes during your discussion so you can revisit them afterward.

Once a treatment plan is laid out, your prescriptions can be mailed directly to you. You’ll be able to stay home while your acne treatment is delivered hassle-free. Plus, if you have questions about your treatment plan or need to schedule a follow-up, you can do so easily.

2. Switch Up Your Habits

Staying inside can perpetuate bad habits. Remember, sticking to home doesn’t mean you have to remain indoors. If your living situation allows you to get some fresh air, make a point to safely get outside daily. The varying humidity levels of indoor air can also wreak havoc on your skin. Do what you can to give your skin a break and consider investing in a humidifier.

If you’ve been spending a good deal of time resting, you may have forgotten to change your pillowcase. Dirt and oil can get trapped in the fibers of the fabric and, if not cleaned regularly, can incite breakouts. You may not feel up to doing the laundry right now, but you probably have enough energy to switch out your pillowcase.

Acne can get worse when you skimp on skincare while isolating, especially if you aren’t doing your morning skincare routine. Assess your habits and make changes that will help support your efforts toward clear skin.

3. Get Over-the-Counter Products Delivered

If you’ve got over-the-counter products that you love, it’s easy to restock while stuck at home. Since you’re likely ordering delivery for food, use DoorDash’s new DoubleDash feature. After you place your food order, you’ll be prompted to select from participating retailers for a second delivery.

Choose convenient favorites like your go-to drugstore to restock on cleansers, spot treatments, and masks. You’ll get your items delivered contact-free along with your dinner. Plus, if you’re not feeling well, you can tack on other care items to help you get back to normal.

You can also shop for skincare treatment through your local grocer. If you’re getting produce delivered, tack on items from the personal care section. Many grocers are offering free or reasonably priced delivery for orders over a certain amount. Major retailers like Walmart and Kroger have also launched membership-based services that are under $100 per year. Some memberships offer additional money-saving benefits, so do your research to find the right fit.

4. Prioritize Rest and Relaxation

While you shouldn’t sleep on a dirty pillowcase, you should allow your body to recover and restore. Acne is often sparked by stress, and an illness is a surefire way to put your cortisol production into overdrive. Bring your hormones back into balance by taking time to recenter through intentional rest.

Start your day with light yoga to get your body moving. After several days of being cooped up, your body can start to ache with lack of use. Keep up the momentum by taking stretch breaks, relaxing in a bath, or reading a book on paper instead of a screen. Staying inside can get you out of your routine, so do what you can to break up sedentary periods.

Nourish your body with whole foods to help restore your body’s nutrients. Refined sugars and carbs can throw your body out of balance, encouraging breakouts. By eating and resting with intention, you can make your quarantine a skin reset.

Keeping Your Skin Clear for the Long Haul

Quarantine is never fun, and its repercussions on your skin and mood can be long-lasting. Take stock of the efforts you’ve made toward improving your routine and your skin-nourishing activities. Once you’re back to the normal grind, prioritize your new positive habits. Be mindful of the acne-inducing practices you used to partake in.

When you can visit places safely in person, consider how your newfound virtual and delivery practices can enhance your life. By coordinating skincare needs virtually, you avoid the hassle of office visits. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, your potential exposure to the virus still remains. Plus, the time you’ll save in your day can be devoted to family, hobbies, or taking time to just relax. After a busy day, you’ll be happy to have your acne treatment and skincare waiting for you at home.