Actors and the Famous Roles That Almost Made Them Quit

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After going to the movies and reading about the lives of the rich and famous actors and actresses, an average person would often think about the fabulous lives that these actors have. Their work is definitely easier, pays better and of course is more glamourous than your typical nine-to-five. Especially when compared to the average routine day job that most of us have, the kind that is too monotonous to be excited about. Besides, actors are rich, they have the luxury of choosing what project to work on, and even if they do sign-on for a certain project, they can just as easily bail on the project and just quit.
The truth is, it isn’t that simple for movie stars. An average joe can just quit and resign anytime he wants, in most case it is as straightforward as just declaring “I resign! Goodbye.” That option is there and he can just look for a new job without looking back. Well, for aspiring actors, sorry to burst your bubble. But, for movie stars, resigning or quitting from a project can be intricate and complex. When an actor quits from a project, there are probable lawsuits, monetary penalties for breach of contract, and the accompanying public relations backlash (there is a high possibility of being tagged as “difficult” and/or “unstable”). So, even though a role may also involve long days of shooting scenes that might be physically, emotionally, and/or morally demanding, actors would usually end up toughing it out and seeing things through.
To give you an idea about these kinds of situations, here are 24 famous roles that almost made the actors that portrayed them to quit.