21 Actors That Continue to Make An Insane Amount Of Money Off Their Reruns

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Source: Awesome Jelly

We know that top actors and actresses can make over $20 million for a blockbuster film, yet some of these top-caliber celebrities enjoy doing TV shows instead. While TV shows may not bring in a huge paycheck like a movie hit will, TV series offer a consistent steady flow of income, that does not end when it airs its final episode. Show residuals allow the actors to continue earning even though they don’t have to do anything! Seems like easy money… These celebrities prove that the small screen can earn heaps of cash. Of course it also depends on the contracts, and syndication deals. Some of these celebrities can rake in millions as the years go by, thanks to residuals from the reruns of their TV shows. Production companies have a complicated formula to determine how much an actor gets paid for a series, some get more than others, while some shows pay the whole main cast a hefty amount each episode equally. This happened to the cast of Friends, where each got $1 million per episode. Needless to say, some of these TV show actors can live off their residuals.
Let’s Take A Look At Some Of These Celebrities Who Make Good Money From Their Reruns: