Add A Summery Feel To Your Home With Just A Shower Curtain, Tape & Some Foam Board!

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Want to add a summery feel to your home? Using just a roll of tape, foam backboard and a shower curtain, you can created a super unique piece of summery wall art!

What You Will Need

  • 3-sheets of foam core board
  • Roll of packing tape
  • Decorative shower curtain


How To Make

Tape the three boards with the packing tape and add additional support using a couple paint stirs from your local hardware store (free!).


When you open the shower curtain, you will find it is rather wrinkled. Simply steam out the wrinkles using a steamer, the shower or just wet the shower curtain slightly and use a blow dryer on the heat setting to get the wrinkles out!

Cut the patterned shower curtain to fit just a little bigger than your foam board. Wrap the curtains tight around the boards and tape them to the back with packing tape. Tape down all the loose edges also, so no bugs can enter the back…especially if you will be hanging this piece outdoors.


That’s it! You now have yourself a super cool piece of art that is both unique and will fare well outdoors! Hang the new piece of art using small sticky Velcro squares!


via: calmandcollected

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