30 Adorable Animals That Are Actually Dangerous

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Source: https://files.brightside.me

We have come across many animals in magazines or on television that look so peaceful and charming. Or we have been to zoos and saw several animals we would like to have as pets. But, not everything is as it seems, especially for wild animals. We tend to forget that these animals rely on instinct, and survival is the priority instinct. This can come in the form of a perceived threat, or simply due to hunger.
While there are some people who keep wild beast as pets, claiming they have been tamed, you can’t really completely tame an animal, especially if they were wild. Even dogs and cats can at times go berserk and inflict harm, what more for  large cats or wolves, or bears. Even expert animal trainers are always on their guard as they know the animal’s temperament can quickly change, and they go back to their natural instincts. So always be aware, and don’t be careless.
Here are 30 animals to watch out for: