Adrian Solano Just May Be The World’s Worst Skier. He Only Ever Trained On Wheels.

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Adrian Solano has been hailed the “world’s worst skier” after a disastrous appearance at a winter sports event in Finland.


Adrian was representing Venezuela at Lahti 2017 in the qualifying round for the cross country event.

However, it was his first time skiing on snow having previously only trained on wheels.

From right out of the gate, Solano was struggling and wobbling. The event seemed to take forever as he made his way through various course objectives. 

When he crossed the finish line however…he had an ear to ear grin. He clearly had a sense of accomplishment! 

The important lesson here is…don’t ever give up! No matter how crappy you are doing at something…keep going and finish it out! 

At the end…is it just me…or does Solano look a lot like President Obama in Ski gear?

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