72 Advertisements From The Past That Would Never Be Allowed Today

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In a world that prides itself on gender equality, feminism, open sexual identity, keeping healthy physically and mentally, and anti-bullying amongst many others, it’s surprising to see that it was not always the case. And before the world stood on fairer footing, the reason behind many of these ideologies obviously had to start from somewhere. But before it became unacceptable to be utterly chauvinistic, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory, the world allowed advertisements that were aimed at backwards thinking, enough to make anyone with a proper moral compass shriek in disgust. These following endorsements might have caused tons of smiles and laughter back in the day, but if an agency attempted to put even one of these ads out now, not one would ever see the light of day.
Here is a collection of 72 of the most sexist, disturbing, and rude ads you’ll ever have the displeasure of seeing.