Teen Surprises Kids Battling Spinal Muscular Atrophy With Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Christmas Gifts!

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Adyn's Dream Christmas Gifts Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Adyn (right) of Adyn’s Dream Foundation

At times the world we live in may seem like a negative and hectic place, but then a story like this reminds you of how much love, compassion and kindness there truly is.

All of the following was made possible by a young teen, with a dream and huge heart!

It’s just a few days away from Christmas … imagine yourself receiving a package at your doorstep from a complete stranger, you open the box to find a wrapped present, and after tearing open the wrapping paper – you find the present you’ve been wishing to get this Christmas! That’s exactly what happened for 35 people living with a life-threatening genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), and their “Santa” was Adyn’s Dream!

Adyn’s Dream is a nonprofit started 3-years-ago by Adyn Bucher when she was 10 years old to raise money for individuals and families living with the harsh realities of SMA. Adyn knows these realities well as she, too, was born with SMA. At 18-months-old, Adyn was diagnosed with SMA and given 6 months to live … but Adyn was stronger than the doctors initially realized & has continued to break down the barriers she’s encountered. At the age of two, she received her first power wheelchair … by the age of ten, she started her own nonprofit … by the age of 13, she has raised over $40,000 for families across the country battling the same disease she is.

Adyn’s Dream is also unique is how it raises money. Adyn has been extremely passionate about music for her entire life, and decided she wanted to incorporate that passion into her organization. So the primary avenue of fundraising for Adyn’s Dream is through hosting live music events. Over the last 3 years, Adyn’s Dream has hosted over 10 live music events in Athens, Ohio featuring the likes of Pokey LaFarge, Billy Strings, Whiskey Shivers, Birds of Chicago, CAAMP, The Harmaleighs, and many more national, regional & local artists. Their upcoming event on February 10th at Ohio University’s Memorial Auditorium will feature The Dustbowl Revival, The Tillers & Doc Robinson.

Even though Adyn’s Dream has sponsored nearly 10 families to attend the Cure SMA annual conferences over the last 2 years (at Disneyland & Disney World respectively) – this Christmas they decided to try something new by surprising children, teens and adults with the gift they were wishing for … gifts ranging from a doctor kit and Furreal Friends to iPads, Nintendo Switches, a PS4 and Apple Watches to medical and physical therapy items to a gift card for Broadway Tickets to see Frozen in 2018. All in all, Adyn’s Dream spent over $5,500 this Christmas bringing smiles to the faces of people living with SMA, and you can guarantee that they’ll be doing this again next year if they can raise the funds!

Edwards Boys! Ipads

Annika – Yoga Ball!

Cory – Apple Watch!

Check out some of the gift recipients receiving their Adyn’s Dream Christmas gift!