If You Are Going To Have An Affair, Make Sure The Family Baby Monitor Is Turned Off

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Some poor dude in the UK found out that his wife was having an affair after he forgot to turn off the baby monitor – which connects to his phone.

For the last 5-months Marek Fecko had suspected that his wife was cheating on him with a former co-worker. All of his suspicions were confirmed when he heard his former co-worker and his wife getting down on his families baby monitor.

So what’s a man to do when he hears that shit going on? You head right over to the seen of the affair, and that’s exactly what Fecko did.

When Fecko arrived, he found his wife and that dude in he and his wife’s bedroom – getting down. Taking it a step further, Fecko whipped out a knife and threatened his old co-worker.

That didn’t go over very well.

The couple appeared at Carlisle Crown Court, where prosecutor Tim Evans explained the circumstances leading up to the incident. “The unhappy result of that was that his wife commenced an affair. That affair was with a former work colleague of Mr. Fecko,” Evans said.

“At the time of the offenses, October 31, the affair had been going on for five and a half months. ” Evans also revealed that Fecko had come across messages on his wife’s phone earlier in the year that suggested she was seeing someone else while he was busy working, but he had chosen to overlook the texts and continue his relationship with his longtime partner.

The couple had a baby monitor placed in their marital bedroom, which is where the wife ended up getting caught, despite having turned the baby monitor around but forgetting that the device was still picking up sound. “It was connected by way of sound and vision to Mr. Fecko’s phone. Within a short time of him leaving the house, his wife and (victim) were in the marital bedroom,” Evans said.

At the end of this sad story of cheating and violence…Fecko was ordered by a judge to completed an 18-month community service stint…having to complete 120 hours of unpaid work. Oh, and he must stay away from the old co-worker.