African Rain Frogs Look Like Little Angry And Disappointed Avocados

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Imagine having having a ‘resting angry face’ and having to live your life that way. Got it? Well now think about the African rain frog — because that’s basically how they live their lives.

The Black Rain FrogBreviceps fuscus, is a small species from the Brevicipitidae, native to South Africa, and found only in the southern slopes of the Cape Ford Belt. All species of rain frogs are typically tiny-bodied amphibians native to Eastern and Southern Africa. The Black Rain Frog is a burrowing species that does not require open water to survive and can typically be found at elevations of 3300ft.

The frogs have small round bodies with very short limbs and toes. An adult Black Rain Frog may grow as tall as 1.6-2 in. They are mostly a dark brown shade or a very dark grey with granulated skin. The skin has no warts but appears excessively rough due to the almost even sprinkle of granules.

Perhaps, the most unique thing about this species is the configuration of facial features that makes them appear permanently angry or extremely disappointed.

I just want to give them a hug.