After Giving A Homeless Man $100, This Guy Secretly Filmed Him…

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YouTuber Josh Paler Lin wanted to see what would happen if he gave $100 to a hungry homeless man. How would he spend the money?

To find out, Josh approached a homeless man by a motorway in Los Angeles, and handed him $100, much to the man’s surprise. He then proceeded to follow the homeless man in secret with a camera to see how he would spend it.

What he ended up filming shocked him, and it may just change the way you see homelessness.

(Source: JoshPalerLin)

The homeless man Josh gave the money to, Thomas, has been very down on his luck lately. He quit his job to spend time taking care of his sick parents. Unfortunately, he lost both of his parents in the last couple of months due to cancer and kidney failure. Additionally, he lost his parents’ condo and found himself jobless and homeless on the street. Although he has nothing at this point of life, he still managed to help others when he received something.

Immediatly after releasing this video, Josh was overwhelemd with messages from people wanting to know how they could donate money to Thomas, so the young man set up a campaign on fundraising site IndieGoGo that has already raised over $27,000 in a day.