Obama Releases Hilarious Internet Video Titled ‘Couch Commander’

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President Obama shares an inside look into his plans after the Presidency. Whether you like President Obama or not, the video is pretty funny and well done. Michelle even makes an appearance.

The video was release last year, but it starting to gain traction now that Obama is actually out of office. 

The video started with Obama firing a “F— you” at MSNBC’s Chuck Todd after the Meet the Press moderator insinuated POTUS would lead a lazy lifestyle for the next two years.

Obama turned to Joe Biden for retirement guidance, questioning, “I can’t golf everyday can I?” while the vice president tried on RayBan aviator sunglasses.

“You can drive again, you’re gonna need a license. You love sports, why don’t you volunteer for one of the teams around here?” the V.P. suggested, prompting a desperate Obama to call the NBA.

“Is this the Washington Wizards? I understand you’re looking for some coaching help. Let’s just say I coached my daughter’s team a few times,” he pleaded over the phone before getting hung up on.

With eventual permission to hit the roads, Obama’s misadventures next brought him to Snapchat – a social media platform he quickly learned should be reserved for his wife Michelle Obama and teenage daughters.

Obama even embraced his ‘mom jeans’ – “I can wear my mom jeans in peace! I hate these tight jeans,” Obama quipped after the guided revelation.

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