Fearless Adventurer Surfs Around Erupting Volcano, Just Feet From Flowing Lava

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If you saw lava swirling around in the ocean…would you grab a surf board and hit the surf?

Most sane people would probably stick around to watch for a minute or two, but there’s a much shorter list of people that could actually do it without getting injured, or burned, or boiled alive.

You’re about to meet Alison Teal, a 30-year-old woman who – with her crew – left to attempt to catch some waves around the Kilauea Volcano before sunset, something no one else has ever done before! The craziest part is that she didn’t go in with some new suit or anything like that to protect herself, she just brought her board and her bikini.

Teal stated it was probably one of the most terrifying trips she’d ever made before, but that it was also one of the most exhilarating. Just one wrong move and the water could end up pulling you directly into a dripping mass of molten rock.


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