Amazing Uses of WD-40 You Didn’t Know About

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Arguably the most popular household item ever invented (even more popular than the iPod according to one publication), WD-40, still remains the world’s go-to “cure-all” for almost any problem a handyman (or woman) can think of.
The blue-and-yellow can of magic was invented by Norm Larsen, the brains behind the Rocket Chemical Company, who tirelessly worked to find the perfect solution to rust and corrosion, problems that hounded the aerospace industry at the time. Larsen was looking for a compound that would shield airplane and rocket parts from water, repelling it, thus, preventing rust and metal decay from setting-in. Larsen finally succeeded on his 40th try, the reason why the stuff is called WD-40 (water displacement – 40).
Since then, WD-40 has been put to different and sometimes unusual uses, from removing a python coiled around the undercarriage of a bus in Asia, to freeing a naked burglar stuck inside an A/C vent!
Here are some of the many uses for WD-40 that you probably didn’t know about.