Video Of Man Shocked As He Opens Amazon Package Goes Viral

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Come on Amazon…where’s the common sense?

An Amazon customer was completely shocked when he opened an absurdly large box filled with packing materials, only to reveal a tiny package of Oreo cookies at the bottom.

Jason Howell tweeted a photo of his online delivery, showing the single pack of kettle corn-flavored Oreos next to the empty box.

The package featured a ton of bubble packing as well as cardboard pieces for added support.

Jason shared a video of himself opening the package.

“There’s nothing in here,” Howell says as he pulls out the bubble wrap. Then he pulls out more plastic padding before discovering the cookies.

“This box had this package of Oreos in it. What the…?” he says.

Some Twitter users mentioned that Amazon chooses their boxes based on what fits best in their trucks, not the item itself.

Other users mentioned that the company uses an algorithm that chooses boxes for certain items to limit the amount of damage a product may endure during transit.

Either way, it seems like a complete waste!

The Kettle Corn Oreos that were ordered were one of three flavors chosen during Oreos’ ‘My Oreo Creation Contest’ that was recently held by the company. The other two flavors were Piña Colada and Cherry Cola.