Man Uses Amazon Prime’s Instant Delivery Service To Deliver Goods To The Homeless

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amazon prime delivery homeless

Rob Bliss wanted to see what would happen if he used Amazon Prime’s 1-2 hour delivery service, to deliver goods to the homeless. Would the folks who deliver for Amazon really deliver to a person sitting on the sidewalk and not a physical address? Well, Rob found and the result was pretty freaking awesome!

Rob asked homeless men and women, sitting on the city sidewalk if they needed anything. Many replied with socks, shoes, warm clothes and personal hygiene items. So, armed with his cell phone, Rob placed orders via his Amazon app and those items were delivered to the people in need of them.

A few moments time and a few dollars later…and Rob had made so many people smile, feel human again and stay warm as they try to live on the cold, winter streets.

Check it out below! (This was NOT in affiliation with Amazon or done for any promotional reasons)