Amazon Scammers Are Selling iPhone 6 Boxes Filled With Clay

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Well isn’t this just a nasty little trick. 

One listing of the Apple phenomenon boasts about 570 reviews, almost 70% of which are 5-star-glowing ratings.

But then, some less-complimentary reviews began pouring in, getting a drastically different 1 star.

What was wrong with these phones, you may wonder?

According to the reviewers, they are not receiving iPhones at all, but rather, boxes filled with gobs of sticky clay.


The clay covers up the serial numbers so that the product becomes difficult to track down, and nothing of value is found inside the boxes other than the headphones that come with the smart phones.


Why would this happen,though? Software engineer Cory Klein has an idea. He thinks that the scam is happening not to the customers giving the bad reviews, but rather by them. Due to Amazon’s famed A-Z guarantee, buyers are eligible to get up to $2,500 of the purchase price back on any items sold by third parties. Apparently, this policy has opened them up for some sneaky shoppers to make a quick buck.


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