An Experience Of Cultural Treasures To Colour: Discover Lola Tillyaeva’s Country

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Children of all ages enjoy drawing and colouring, and secretly so do most adults. Everyone finds it both therapeutic and enjoyable, and if children learn something at the same time, then that is a big plus point. Philanthropist, entrepreneur and humanitarian Lola Karimova Tillyaeva has released an exciting new book,  An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour which allows children to do exactly that.

The book shows the beauty of Lola Karimova’s home country Uzbekistan. With many historical sites now recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, Uzbekistan has a wealth of architectural treasures waiting to be discovered.  An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour showcases not only some breath-taking buildings but also textiles, fine arts and museum exhibits. Through colouring in the magnificent templates on the pages facing the full colour photos, children and adults can learn about the culture and traditions of Uzbekistan, a country that once straddled the famous Silk Road.

The Work of Timur Tillyaev of Lola Tillyaeva

The charitable work of Timur Tillyaev and Lola Tillyaeva is far-reaching and impactful. Through various charitable foundations working with underprivileged children in Uzbekistan, the couple has helped orphaned, abandoned and disabled children achieve high standards of education and offered much-needed medical care to some of the country’s poorest families.

The couple also give a lot of energy to promoting Uzbekistan’s little-known history. For instance, in 2017 the husband and wife team produced an award-winning film The Man Who Unlocked the Universe, which follows the life of the fifteenth century Timurid ruler and astronomer Ulugh Beg. The documentary, which details Ulugh Beg’s amazing scientific achievements and showcases museum pieces from around the world, won several awards upon its release.

As well as sponsoring numerous exhibitions both at home and abroad that feature Uzbek arts and crafts, Lola Karimova and her husband Timur Tillyaev found another ingenious way to promote their country’s heritage, namely an exquisite colouring book, published in both English and French.

Discovering Uzbekistan Through Coloring

As children work their way through the pages of the book, they will uncover the rich and diverse history of Uzbekistan. The book takes us on a journey beginning in the fifth century and brings us up to date with artwork from the twenty-first century.

As we make this wonderful journey, we discover the arts, crafts, culture, and history of Uzbekistan. Some of the most mesmerising and therapeutic images are the close-ups of intricate mosaics used to decorate the magnificent buildings erected by famous kings and princes of old. These fascinating images tell the stories of Silk Road myths and legends as well as introducing us to some of the beautiful plants that grow in that part of the world.

As we turn the pages, fairy-tale mosques, madrasahs and mausoleums come to life and we can imagine ourselves conversing with some of the great philosophers of ancient Central Asia.

The traditional monuments, ceramics, murals, and textiles of Uzbekistan showcased here reveal the country’s culture, past and present. Cities like Samarkand, the Silk Road hub with its beautiful blue and gold architecture, are brought to life remarkably well.

But the book is more than just glossy pictures. What the children see is put in context through short paragraphs detailing the history of each building or mural, and the traditions behind each handicraft. You learn as you colour, and this may inspire you to visit Uzbekistan one day and explore its treasures for yourself.

The historical context is important in today’s world, too. The Silk Road of old takes on new significance as the new silk road spanning Asia and Europe gradually emerges, linking diverse cultures and allowing for the creative exchange of ideas.

An Experience of Cultural Treasures to Colour features full colour photographs of Uzbekistan’s treasures alongside a sketch for us to colour in ourselves. Whether we use the same colour scheme as the photograph or become creative and use original colours is up to us. Either way, the result will be stunning.

When you and your children have fun, you learn. Colouring is one of life’s simple pleasures and has therapeutic and creative value. In An Experience of Cultural Treasures to ColourLola Tillyaeva has created an opportunity to learn, to love, to create, and to enjoy.