VIDEO | The Angriest Garbage Man To Ever Live

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Sometimes you just get a bad case of the Mondays. 

In this video, what appears to be a fast, efficient garbage man…turns out to be a crazed maniac!

First…the garbage man smashes the garbage can to pieces…and then he turns his attention to the mailbox. The mailbox didn’t stand a chance as it was ripped out of the ground and they chucked into the back of the garbage truck. 

Check out the video..and then find out what really was going on below. 


After this video surfaced…people were wondering what truly was going on. It wasn’t until the creator of the video…the actual garbage man in the video…stated that he staged this as an April Fool’s joke on his boss! What a great way to prank your boss! 

Yeah it kind of stinks that this is staged…but I think we can all relate in a way. I know I have had some angry garbage men over the years! I have had my trash cans tossed on the lawn…left in the road…covers thrown away and one time…my entire trash can was just tossed in the garbage truck and they took off! 

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