Woman Smashes Up KFC After Her Transaction Gets Declined

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Sometimes you just need some chicken in your life and when you can’t have it…you flip. It’s totally normal.

This was the case at an Australian KFC where customer Andrew Moschakis filmed one woman’s – now viral – explosion.

The unidentified woman was trying to pay for her meal with a bank transfer, which was declined and that is when all hell broke loose. The woman did not have cash or a debit card on her at the time.

The woman began ripping out credit card machines and throwing them into the KFC kitchen and at employees. One of those machines smashed a TV behind the counter that was acting as a menu.

The woman’s vulgarity laced rant went on for a few minutes until a two men that saw what was happening pinned her down until the police arrived.

Once the police arrived, the woman continued her rant and spit on the officers.

After the video stops, Moschakis told news.com.au that the woman grabbed a 24-pack of 7Up cans that were on the counter and threw those as well.

The woman was reportedly charged with disorderly conduct, property damage, two counts of assault and two aggravated counts of assaulting police.

Oh…and the woman was drunk. Clearly.

Later, the woman took to social media to apologize, Newshub reported.

“Alcohol is a drug and its [sic] time for me to make a change and go back to the gentle girl that was once me,” she shared on her Facebook page, according to the publication. “Life hasnt [sic] been an easy one and we all make mistakes nows [sic] my opportunity to turn it around and make the best life and best me I can.”