Annoyed Mom Calls C-SPAN To Scold Her Adult Sons On Live Television

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Brad Woodhouse is a Democrat and president of the American Bridge Company, a civil engineering firm. His brother, Dallas Woodhouse, is the North Carolina state director for the conservative Americans for Prosperity organization. The brothers occasionally make television appearances on the same political programs, where they often bicker and make unkind remarks about the other’s beliefs and morals. However, they might reconsider how they treat each other after what happened today.

During a live in-studio debate on the politically-focused C-SPAN network, the brothers’ mom, Joy Woodhouse, called in for an unplanned, on-the-air comment. The brothers immediately recognized the voice of the caller, and their reactions were beyond priceless.

I think that a live televised broadcast of the Woodhouse home on Christmas would be more interesting than anything aired on C-SPAN. I do hope they can get along for the holidays. Otherwise, I doubt their mom would hesitate to scold them during their next appearance.

(Via Jezebel)