Another Day In The USA Where Bullets Fly & Innocent Lives Are Lost

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When will we wake up, rise up and put an end to this terrible mark we are putting on our Nation?


Today, another mass shooting took place in San Bernardino, California.

In the great nation we call The United States of America, we are unable to turn on the evening news, view our social media or read a newspaper without witnessing horrific events that are taking place or have recently taken place. These horrific events are happening in our small towns, big cities and the hate and tragedy does not discriminate.

American citizens are killing other American citizens. Innocent lives are being lost at an incredible rate. The mass shootings are becoming a normal occurrence in our daily lives. Shootings and killings happen daily, but mass shooting seem to happening at the minimum, twice per week. This is unacceptable.

We have nothing left to blame. We blame the color of individuals skin, the economy, guns, refugees, police officers, gang members, Christian’s and every other religion. What people don’t see, is that everything stated above has been a part of a mass shooting at one point or another. Whether the gunman was driven to desperation due to a personal economical breakdown, or Caucasian man shot a church full of African Americans. In some cases, illegally owned guns are used, in others, fully legal guns are used to cause death and destruction. We can rally, protest and share our agenda’s all day long, but that doesn’t stop the senseless acts of violence that we are seeing day to day in our country.

Innocent lives are being lost. Fear is beginning to spread.

So I ask you, what do we do? Take the guns away? Separate all races? Reform religion? Protest more? Stop sending jobs overseas and boost our economy? What?

What I would suggest is simple, vague and an age old theory. Be kind. Be a good person. Don’t kill your neighbor. Get a grip, times can get tough, but there is always someone worse off than you and more than likely not thinking about harming innocent people to deal with their situation. This madness needs to stop.

When I was a child I was able to watch the news with my father and remember hearing about the good people were doing in the world. Sure there were horrific stories from time to time, but watching the news with my children now is just plain disgusting. There is good in the world, a lot of good. If our news outlets focused on the good instead of all the bad, things would change, slowly, but they would change.

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End rant.

Be kind.

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