Here Is The Answer To The ‘Which Box Is The Car In?’ Brain Teaser.

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The puzzle has been created for by user Puzzlefizzy is Awesome and has been dumbfounding people all over the world. 

The car-box brain teaser

You are presented with three boxes, one of which contains a car. Each box has a statement written on it.

Box One: The car is in this box.

Box Two: The car is NOT in this box.

Box Three: The car is NOT in box 1.

Only one of the statements is correct. Two are lies. 

Want the answer? Check it out below!

The answer is Box 2.

The aim is to work out which option results in only one of the statements being correct.


  • If the ‘car’ was in Box 1, that would mean that the statements on Box 1 and Box 3 were both correct.
  • Similarly, if the car was in Box 3, that would mean the statements on Box 2 and Box 3 were both correct.
  • However if the car is in Box 2, then the only statement which is true is the one written on Box 3 ‘The car is not in Box 1’

The answer is explained in more detail in this video by YouTube user Cjetboy.

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