This Anti-Domestic Violence PSA Commercial To Air During Super Bowl Will Give You Chills

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Domestic violence seems to be running rampant throughout out our country lately.  Domestic violence has always been around and will no doubt continue to be around for the rest of time, but the level of violence seems to have increased as has the media coverage on the issue.

During the 2015 Super Bowl airing this Sunday the PSA ad below will be featured.  I personally remember reading about the 911 call that is featured in the PSA some time ago.  A woman calls 911 stating that she would like to order a pizza, thankfully after a few failed attempts by the dispatcher to inform the the woman that she has reached 911 and not a pizza place he understands that the woman is actually calling 911 on purpose and that she is in trouble.  With the woman answering only yes or no questions she is able to summons help and is rescued from a serious domestic violence situation. View the powerful PSA ad below.

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Source : Youtube