‘Antiques Roadshow’ Guest Falls To The Ground After Hearing Worth Of Rolex He Paid $346 For In 1974

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An “Antiques Roadshow” guest in West Fargo, N.D. literally fell to the ground after learning the estimated worth of a Rolex watch he paid $345.97 for while serving in the Air Force back in 1974.

The man, identified by the show as David, simply nodded when appraiser Peter Planes told him the model was a lot like one worn by the late actor Paul Newman, and that those watches typically sell in the $200,000 range. After planes told him to hold on a second, because his watch was even more special — David listened intently.

David then fell to the floor after Planes noted that the word “Oyster” inscribed on the watch is “extremely, extremely rare,” putting it more in the $400,000 range. But that wasn’t even the best part. Planes told David to hold on yet again, because his watch was valued much higher.

Planes told David that since the watch is in nearly perfect condition, has the original case, all of the original paperwork and that the watch was never worn, it could appraise for between $500,000 to $700,000.

That’s right…over a half million dollars!

David mentioned that he purchased the watch back in 1974 while stationed in Thailand. He special ordered the watch via the base store and even received a 10% discount. He purchased the watch because he knew it was waterproof and he wanted to use it while scuba diving. Once he received the watch, he realized it was just too nice to expose it to salt water, so he kept it in the box. After a few years, he placed the watch into a safety deposit box, where it was for nearly 40 years.

The inscription on the Oyster Cosmograph, also called a Daytona, usually wears off the watches quickly, Planes, a watch expert, said, which is what makes it so special, the Post reported. The word Oyster, according to Planes, means the watch is particularly water-resistant.

The watch that Paul Newman actually wore in his personal life and on screen, sold for a record-setting $17,752,500 back in 2017.

The word ‘Oyster’ was only printed on Rolex watches for a very short time period, thus making David’s watch even more special.

Could you imagine spending under $350 and finding out that that investment grew to nearly three quarters of a million dollars? Just WOW!

Congrats David!