Happy-Looking Children’s App Takes A Very Dark Turn And Threatens To Stab Children

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app threatens to stab children

Children all over the world use electronic devices such as cell phones or tablets to download fun apps and games. But not all those apps and games are kid friendly…even when they look kid friendly at first glance.

In the video below, one mother demonstrates an app called ‘Blaze and the Monster Machines‘ that her child downloaded which appears to be a fun ‘fake phone call’ app to a cartoon styled character. Well, the app is far from kid friendly and is actually incredibly sketchy.

Once the app is opened you are greeted with a fun image that resembles a ‘talking car’ from the movie Cars. Once the child scrolls through a ton of inappropriate advertisements, the app sends an incoming phone call via the app.

When the call is answered, a super creepy-demonic voice begins speaking. The voice is speaking to your child and letting them know they would ‘like to play with your child’. By the end of the call, the voice is telling the child that they would like to stab them with a knife in which they are holding in their hands.

After you see this app in motion you will no doubt have a ‘WTF’ moment. People are sick. But the moral of the story here is…monitor your kids app downloads and electronic use to avoid the sickos that creep in the electronic world.

Google Play has since suspended the app from their platform.