Man Creates Giant Touch Screen ‘Apple Mirror’ And It Is Absolutely Incredible!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…please pull up my favorite song and check the weather for me! That is one man’s reality after he created a wall mirror that functions just like a giant iPad. Behold…the iMirror!


The mirror mimics Apple’s IOS 10 and one can only hope that Apple catches on to this and starts producing these, because it is pretty sweet! 

You can get yourself ready in the morning while checking out the news, weather and listening to your favorite tunes…all using one touch screen mirror. Any app that you have on your iPhone or iPad can be used with the mirror! 


For now it is just a prototype made by designer Rafael Dymek, but with the way technology has been advancing I doubt it’ll take long before someone starts to manufacture these for distribution.

How awesome is this thing? So cool!

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