Apple Finally Admits iPhone Update Conspiracy Theory Is True

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apple update slow iphone

If you are an iPhone user you are fully aware that your phone seems sluggish after every software update you perform. There has been a long-standing conspiracy that is being done on purpose by Apple, and well…it’s been confirmed…that’s exactly what is happening.

When you first get your phone, it’s lightning-fast and can do all the amazing things you need it to do. You’re snapping selfies, sending texts, and loading AwesomeJelly articles like you’ve never loaded them before!

And then you perform an update and you get a lot of this…

Apple released a statement saying that they do in fact slow down old phones intentionally with new software updates.

They’ve deliberately made old iPhones slower!

Of course, Apple is also saying that their reasons for making phones slower are not nefarious. According to them, they slow down the phones in an attempt to protect its internal components.

Apparently, the batteries in iPhones degrade over time, which can sometimes cause phones to unexpectedly shut down. The software updates for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 were meant to “smooth out” demands on the iPhone battery to prevent these surprise shutdowns.

For a long time Apple users have thought the slowing of the phones was done in order to ramp up iPhone sales. Even though Apple states that is not the case, we still believe there is some truth to that theory.

So now you know – and you are not crazy!