Video From Applebee’s Bartender Shows How Awfully Gross Their $1 Margaritas Are!

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applebees dollar margarita dollarita

There has been a lot of buzz around the internet in regards to Applebee’s newest promotion of $1 margaritas! The promotion has coined the name ‘Dollarita’ and as one would assume, if you are getting a margarita for just $1…it can’t be the tastiest!

A recent video from an Applebee’s bartender shows just how those ‘Dollaritas’ are made and it’s pretty gross.

The $1 margaritas start off with a gallon of margarita mix concentrate. The entire gallon is poured into a 6-gallon bucket. Next, add one gallon of Applebee’s cheapest, bottom shelf tequila (aka, headache in a bottle). Now, water that mixture down with three gallons of Applebee’s finest tap water! Mix and serve!

It may be worth a few extra dollars to just order one good, clean margarita from the Applebee’s bar! I’d recommend a Patron or Don Julio based margarita, they are quite tasty!