Top 5 Apps And Games Available In The TweakDoor App Store

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TweakDoor app store is one of the latest alternative app stores to be released, bringing tons of unofficial content to mobile users worldwide.  It is one of the top sources of unofficial apps and games, game emulators, screen recorders, and much more, and there’s no need to jailbreak to use it. TweakDoor used to be an alternative to Cydia for jailbreakers, but now millions of people use it worldwide as an alternative to the official app store.

How to Install TweakDoor App on iPhone:

All you need for this is your device and a strong internet connection to download the TweakDoor configuration profile straight to your device. You must be on iOS 8 or above to use TweakDoor, but it is simple to download, and you can use it straight away for downloading your favorite apps and games.

Top Five Apps in TweakDoor

While there are thousands of apps and games in TweakDoor, some stand out head and shoulders above the others, mostly video editing apps. Knowing where to start is the hard part with the TweakDoor app; there’s so much to choose from, so we decided to bring you the top five apps downloaded from the TweakDoor app store.

1. Video Star

Video Star is one of the best video editing apps available right now, with thousands of built-in features to help you edit your videos and photos. You can change the colors, add animations, re-time your clips, create lip-sync music videos, and more. There are thousands of free features, or you can have the All-Access Pass that unlocks absolutely everything. Regular updates bring new features and effects all the time, and you can even take part in community challenges on TikTok and Instagram.

2. Among Us

Released in 2018, Among Us has suddenly taken off to become one of this year’s most popular games. Among Us, one of the most addictive games of the year is simple – team up with other players on a spaceship. You are isolated from everything, and one of you is an imposter, killing off the other team members one by one. If you are the imposter, you must keep your secret hidden, taking out the rest of the team while keeping your identity hidden and trying to persuade the rest of the players that you shouldn’t be kicked into the abyss. If you are one of the crew, you must complete challenges while trying to stay safe and figure out who the imposter is; you need support from other team members before you can out them, though. This game is playable by Wi-Fi or a LAN connection and offers hours of addictive gameplay.

3. Cute CUT Video Editor

Cute CUT is a powerful video editor with tons of easy features, giving you the tools to draw on movies or even draw movies. You can create some incredibly high-quality, unique movies with the built-in robust set of features, including the ability to edit videos in Hollywood style. It’s a simple app, yet it offers so much to would-be video editors, including a user-friendly UI, the ability to add up to 6 media types into any project, create PiP movies, more than 30 drawing tools, customizable and pre-defined transitions, and much more.

4. KineMaster Video Editor

Another popular video editor, KineMaster, lets you make movies directly on your device. Packed with features and powerful tools, KineMaster offers the ability to combine multiple layers, including text, video, handwriting, stickers, and more. Enhance your videos with color adjustment tools, blend modes for unique effects, add voice-overs sound effects, voice changers, and music from the Asset Store, and even share your creations with others. Regular updates bring more features to this jampacked video editor every week.

5. FilmoraGO Video Editor

FilmoraGO is one of the easiest video editing apps available right now, packed with advanced features and loads of ways to let your creative side have free rein. You can duplicate, split, trim and merge your clips, change the playback speed, rotate your clips, play them back in reverse, add sound effects and music from the built-in library, and much more. There are tons of video effects, royalty-free music, and sound effects, and you can even share your creations on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

If video editing apps are your thing, then the TweakDoor app is the best app store for you as it offers plenty of choices; if one app doesn’t provide the features you need, try another – something will work for you. There are no download limits, so you can download and try as many games or apps as you want – the only limit is the space on your device.

These are just some of the best apps and games from the popular alternative app store; download it today, and you will find thousands more just waiting for you to try. It’s all free, and you won’t get a better selection anywhere else.