This ‘Aqua Lily Pad’ Is Going To Totally Change The Way You Do Summer!

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It’s called the ‘Aqua Lily Pad‘ and it looks like an incredibly good time! How fun!!! 🙂

This Aqua Lily Pad seems quite necessary for your next lake, party cove, pool or ocean trip! Use for tanning and relaxing, as a dock or portable island, as a ski platform, or just as a general floating playground! This is not just a kids toy — this thing is would be great for adult parties, too.

The pad can be used immediately after unrolling so you don’t have to worry about inflating or having the pad deflate. You can sit, walk, run and relax on this amazing floating foam pad. 

The pad come comes with a price however, but if you spend a lot of time near the water during the summer…it is definitely worth every penny!

A 6ft x 18ft pad will set you back $499.99 plus tax depending on size, but then again, so will a decent large tube float. 

If you don’t like the $499.99 price tag…there is also an ‘Aqua Lily Tadpole‘ version, which is much smaller and can be used in your backyard pool! The price…only $129.99!

Interested in one? You can buy a large one here. However, Amazon does offer smaller ones too! 

This is definitely worth a share! If you like this…you will LOVE this $30 four-seat, lounge pool! 

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