Are Storage Units Purchased By Seniors Worth the Cost?

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When seniors have no choice but to move out of their larger homes and into smaller spaces, they usually have a ton of things that they still prefer to keep. But the problem normally is that they don’t have the space. Which is why choosing to rent a self-storage unit could be a lifesaver for them.

Because units can be rented on a month-to-month basis, or even longer depending on the requirement, these facilities provide that much needed extra space. Most of them are a convenient location to not only secure their belongings, but to keep them safe and secure at the same time.

Here are a few benefits to help you make a decision about renting a self-storage unit in the first place:

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1. Choosing to Downsize

As the years pass by, elderly people tend to gain more and more items, especially when they have children. Eventually, these kids grow up and move out, and their parents become seniors that no longer need all the extra space in their house, so they choose to downsize to a smaller home. While these older folk may be moving to a smaller place to live, there are still some items that they prefer to keep but unfortunately no longer have the space to do so. 

This would be the perfect time to move their bigger and bulkier items, as well as other possessions that they don’t want to let go of, into a self-storage space. While many of their things could be donated, given away or sold, many times seniors prefer to keep them, so a storage space would be the most optimum solution.

These storage spaces can also be used for garden tools, lawnmowers, water hoses, sporting equipment like skis and bikes, as well other seasonal items such as Christmas and Halloween decorations. 

2. Transferring to Assisted Living Facilities 

Sadly, many seniors lose the ability to care for themselves as they get older, leaving them with no choice but to move into assisted living facilities when their families can’t care for them either. And since most of these places are quite small, usually just a room for the senior to move into, this doesn’t give them much space to keep all of their belongings.

Of course, many seniors cannot deal with moving into assisted living and letting go with their most prized possessions that they’ve collected throughout the years, so this is when renting self-storage facilities could truly be a blessing.

Sometimes, assisted living is a temporary situation also, which means there’s no saying that eventually some of these seniors will be able to go back home to live with their families once more. This also means that they’ll be able to use their things once again, which is why keeping them in storage is an easy solution when they want to get them back. 

3. Storing A Loved One’s Belongings After Death

Many families can probably attest to this but when losing a loved one, letting go of their things is just as difficult. Aside from not being ready to get rid of such things, sometimes the situation calls for putting things away to be looked at later on. Again, this is when a storage facility can come in handy and just make things easier for the family that has been left behind.

There are also some situations when a senior dying actually leaves their partner alone, having to move them into an assisted living facility as a result. Once again, putting their things in storage is a great solution when downsizing for them too. 

How Do You Find The Right Unit For You?

If you’ve finally decided that renting out a self-storage unit is the right decision, how to you find out which one is the right unit for you? That will depend on a number of things, as seen below. 

1. Best Location

Finding out the best location for you is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding on which storage unit would be best to rent. Being able to quickly and easily access your storage is key to really being able to use it as much as possible. If you rent somewhere far, chances are that you won’t be able to get to it as often as you’d like. Another tip is to make sure that the storage facility you choose to rent from is also in a safer area in town. This will mean less chances of attempted robberies and stolen items.  

2. Best Price

Most seniors live off their pension, if not off the goodness of their families and loved ones. Aside from location, finding a storage facility that won’t charge you and arm and a leg should always be taken into consideration. Depending on where and what size the unit is that you decide to rent, prices usually begin at around $100 a month. Depending on what you choose to store in the unit could also be a factor as well, especially if you require a climate-controlled unit. These ones are more expensive than the usual ones of course. 

3. Best Access

Another tip on how to choose the perfect storage unit is having the best access to it. Not only will you want it to be easy to get to, but you’ll also want to make sure that it can’t be blocked. This means that you should choose one that you can park your car right by the entrance so that it makes loading and unloading items much easier. Best to check the storage facility operating hours as well, that way you’ll have more time within the day to get in and out. 

4. Best Security

When choosing which facility will be best to rent from, be sure to find out about their security. The place should be well light at all times, both inside and outside the facility. The entrance should be gated, and only opened with a secure access code. The gates should also close after you get inside the facility so that not just anyone can go inside when you’re there, unless they have access to the code for their own unit.

In conclusion, seniors that purchase storage units find that they are incredibly beneficial, regardless of the reason they need it. Whether it’s because they are downsizing, moving into a much smaller assisted living facility or just need the extra space, these facilities can very advantageous to those that choose to rent one. Just be sure to double check which facility, area, price factor and proper security will best suit your needs.