Arkansas Man Plants Some Of Those Mysterious Seeds From China

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Doyle Crenshaw received the package that had been labeled as “studded earrings”, but the contents were far from ‘studded earrings’ – they were seeds.

Crenshaw spoke to 5NEWS, saying: “We … planted the seeds just to see what would happen.” After planting them in Burnsville, they began to grow and produced white fruit from orange flowers and is said to look like squash.

Crenshaw would put miracle grow on the area every two weeks or so, and before long, it was “growing like crazy.” The seeds were planted prior to the time that officials had issued a warning not to put them in the ground.

Scott Bray of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture told 5NEWS that they are concerned about invasive pests. “These seeds could introduce an invasive weed or an invasive insect pest or a plant disease.”

People across the United States have reported receiving these seeds. There are only a few of the seeds that come in a tiny, sealed plastic pouch and they are typically put in a beige or light gray envelope. There are also times when the package has been labeled as jewelry.

Officials are urging anyone who comes across the seeds to keep them in a sealed package and call them so they can be picked up.