VIDEO | Armed Customer Stops Armed Robber During Supermarket Robbery Spree

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This may be a few years old, but these types of situations are happening more and more and thugs carrying guns and committing crimes are being stopped by good, gun carrying citizens. 

Dierre Cotton attempted to rob a grocery store with a sawed off rifle. He was stopped by a customer who was legally carry his firearm and ending Cotton’s robbery spree. (This was his 3rd armed robbery). Cotton was hit twice. This video provides some insight from the armed citizen.

That night the firearm was carried without a round in the chamber and safety on which were the longest milliseconds of my life. After he was threatening the cashier with “Blow your f**king head off” and no one else was in harm’s I engaged him…

Careful analysis shows at 1:22/2:28 immediately after a customer got out of the line of fire, the armed thug was engaged by customer while he was still pointing his rifle at someone after having the money! He didn’t simply leave. At 1:47 you’ll see the thug point at a customer while trying to make his exit.


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