Army Finds GoPro Footage Of ISIS Militants Getting Bombed By Tank

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Army Finds GoPro Footage ISIS Militants Getting Bombed Tank

This is a case of bringing a knife to a gun fight.

ISIS militants cruising through the desert quickly realize that they are out numbered and out powered. As the militants attempt to make an escape, they find that there is little room to maneuver away from danger. A Syrian army tank is just a few hundred yards away and is closing in quickly.

As the ISIS militants scream and shout, realizing that there is a good chance they are going to get bombed soon…it happens.

The Syrian tank launches a massive shell and it is a direct hit. One of the ISIS militants was wearing a GoPro camera during the battle and Syrian military members recovered the camera after the chaos settled.

ISIS is a horrific entity which causes horrible harm all over the world. Justice was certainly served in this video. The video footage reminds us all that fighting abroad is very real and is happening on a day to day basis. We certainly commend all military personnel who are involved and continue to join the fight against ISIS and other similar terror organizations.