Artist Creates Beautiful Paintings From Nothing But Wine

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If only we were all this talented when tipsy!

On the rare occasion that there’s a few sips of wine left in the bottle, what do you do with it? Some may cook with it, while some may take one last haul from the bottle (okay, maybe that is just me). But really, what else could you do with it? One artist found an amazing use!

Artist Sanja Janković’s paintings are created with nothing more than wine and and a blank canvas. She explains that it’s pretty challenging to make realistic-looking portraits only using wine, and thought has to be given into how she chooses her colors: red wine is used for cooler and darker tones, rosé for brighter, warmer shades, and white wine is mostly used as a solvent to dilute other colors. In addition to original compositions, she also creates alcoholic versions of famous paintings such as the Mona Lisa.

Her art is absolutely incredible, check out some of work below!

wine art1

wine art15

wine art13

wine art12

wine art11

wine art10

wine art9

wine art8

wine art7

wine art6

wine art3

wine art2
wine art4

wine art5

wine art16

wine art17

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