Artist Creates Brilliant “Gilmore Girls: We Can Do It!” Series Promoting Girl Power!

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Artist Erin Cheyne is at it again with a super cool photo series promoting powerful women! Girl power baby! 

Erin recently completed a project featuring the ever so popular Bill Murray turned bird and the web loved it! Now, Erin has focused her efforts on creating gorgeous pieces depicting the female lead characters of the hit series ‘Gilmore Girls’ as Rosie the Riveter. (The Gilmore Girls reboot drops on November 25th!)

Erin created the Gilmore Girls poster series out of not only love for the show, but love for the girl power that it represents.  Every character in Gilmore Girls is chasing their dream with heart and soul, and that is an incredibly inspiring thing.  Choosing Rosie the Riveter as her foundational inspiration for this project gave her a dynamic way to bring the core cast of Gilmore Girls to life, showcasing their wild variety of skills and obsessions.

This project is for every girl in the world – no matter what, hang on to your dream and remember: We can do it!

Lorelai Gilmore

Have a conversation with Lorelai over coffee – morning, noon or night. Lorelai Gilmore, the focus of the town.  A woman who has strived and struggled to get where she is in life. An entrepreneurial spirited woman who is both strong and intelligent.  As Lorelai goes through her life, both mistakes and successes, she always stays by your side.  She’s here to tell you ‘We Can Do It!’ when you need it the most.


Lane Kim

Never was there a truer friend than Lane who marches to the beat of her own drum.  An avid music lover and drummer, Lane is one of the most creative people in Stars Hollow. Let her cheer you on and nail the drumroll for your next big success – We Can Do It!




Paris Geller

Knowing what you want and how to get it is Paris’ forte.  Sometimes a woman needs to be aggressive to make sure that she gets where she wants to be in life, and Paris knows how to rock it.  She might get jealous once in awhile, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it, she’ll be the one that makes you believe – We can do it!



Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore is America’s Sweetheart and everyone’s sister and daughter.  She is smart, courageous and driven.  She has the ambition of a business mogul and a heart of gold.  Keep Rory on your wall to cheer you on in your ambitions and life goals.  We can do it!



Sookie St. James

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie… She loves food and takes pride and joy in creating culinary experiences that satisfy the soul.  There’s nothing more beautiful than Sookie in your kitchen.  While you might want to keep your fire extinguisher and band-aids close, she’ll bring a whole lot of fun and magic to your cooking.  Sookie makes for a great cooking assistant and an awesome house guest – you’ll never get bored and always have her on your wall to cheer you on in every cooking plight, and when the cupcakes get a little overcooked, she’s there to tell you – We Can Do It!



You can purchase signed prints on Erin’s Etsy page HERE!

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