Artist Creates Mind Blowing Bookshelf Dioramas That Are Truly Magical

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There are all sorts of cool bookshelf ideas — slanted bookshelves, floating bookshelves, and then there are magical 3-D bookshelf diorama’s. These little dioramas will take your bookshelf to the next level! Some of these in the video below look straight out of a Harry Potter movie! Absolutely magical and detailed!

(You are going to want to keep scrolling to see the video below…trust us.)

Monde, a Japanese designer from Tokyo, created said bookends for a project that BoredPanda shared was first introduced at Design Festa, an international art event in Tokyo, where everyone fell in love with the creations. Each bookend, the site wrote, “detailed replicas of the winding, narrow back alleys of Japan.”

Depending on which diorama you are lucky enough to look into, you will find an arrangement of plants and lights made from different materials, which actually create the illusion of peering down a dimly lit Japanese alleyway from your home.

“I thought that it would be interesting if I made a back street in the gap between bookshelves,” the artist told Buzzfeed News Japan, and Monde certainly wasn’t wrong. Look at how incredible these are!

You can’t just buy these incredible works of art just anywhere however. Monde works to fulfill orders via Twitter direct message.