Ashley Tisdale is Set to Release New Album ‘Symptoms’ on May 3, 2019

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Ashley Tisdale – lovely singer and actress, has had her own personal journey of inner pains, and to that end, she has decided to put all those experiences into her latest work of art; her album titled ‘Symptoms’. She has announced the release of the album on social media on the 27th of March – just a simple caption along with the album’s name was more than enough for fans.

She has her own special style as we have seen her evolve from an actress to a Disney star, a song actress and then a singer – she has attained her own special place.

This will be her first full-length record since her second album ‘Guilty Pleasure’. The release date is just around the corner, specifically on 3rd May 2019. Notably, there is a vast difference in themes between the two albums, and she has been clear about the fact that ‘Symptoms’ is an album where each song title is actually a symptom of anxiety or depression that she has been through.

It is admirable to say the least, that she could be so open about her problems, share it with all her fans as she brings it out into the open.


The lead single – Voices in My Head – has already been released and fans have been listening to it since last November.

Ashley Tisdale went on to give us another tidbit from her album and that was with the song – Love Me and Let Me Go – which she released in January; the video of that song has also met with great acceptance. That is understandable since it is a great mixture between lyrics, fashion, makeup, graphics – you name it, she has it in the video. You can search here for cheap concerts tickets without the burden of service fees to have a real opportunity to save from every ticket purchase you complete.

She has her own distinctive style that we are familiar with since she came into the limelight and became a Disney star.

She is proud of her personal journey and how she grew and matured beyond those experiences, and to show that, she is sharing it not just with close fans but with women her age, younger, and older.


Available for pre-order as early as April 12, fans can’t wait as it has been almost a decade since her last album, and despite the fact that she has been on the scene in several shows and films but nothing compares to listening to such a singer as she gives out her best in an album that takes all her effort and that she does not release except when she is fully satisfied that it reflects her.

Having begun her career with the musical Les Misérables, it is a foregone conclusion that her latest album Symptoms will only do her justice, and the most difficult task for her fans is that they have to make do with the two songs that she has released until the awaited date arrives.

Symptoms – is all about Ashley Tisdale, from the cover’s design, art, lyrics, up to the last bit of music that we will get to listen to. So, have patience…!