Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers: You Can Leave Your Wallets At Home

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Wal-Mart shoppers no longer need to carry their wallets to check out at one of its 4,600-plus U.S. stores.

The world’s largest retailer on Wednesday announced that it has completed the nationwide rollout of its Walmart Pay system, which it began testing in December as an add-on to its mobile app.

To use the three-step payment system, shoppers link their chosen payment method to their account, open the camera on their smartphone and snap a photo of a QR code at the register. That notifies the app to process the customer’s payment.

Shoppers can link their credit or debit cards, prepaid accounts or Wal-Mart gift cards to their payments; however, they still cannot use Apple Pay. When it was introduced in December, the retailer’s executives said Walmart Pay was built so that Apple Pay or a similar system could be integrated in the future. But it also said there were no immediate plans to do so.

Now that the payment system has been rolled out nationwide, Wal-Mart will put more muscle behind marketing the service to shoppers across the U.S.


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