Authorities Discover Husband’s Dark Secrets After Finding Lost Wife’s Phone

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From the point of view of someone who saw them, 49-year old Todd and 30-year old Katrina Smith’s marriage seemed perfectly okay. He was the man who brought home the bacon, the man who worked hard to provide for his wife and children. Katrina, on the other hand, was up for a better future. She was on the verge of getting new job that also paid better. In fact, the lovebirds were just coming home to Illinois from an anniversary trip that they took in Washington D.C. This was when things went downhill for them. Katrina does her laundry first and was set to write an email to finalize the details of her job interview. Then, she went out for errands not too long after.
This all happened the night of October 22, 2012. This was also the last time anyone saw her or heard from her.